Ticket Donations

Our ticket donations are a first come, first serve structure. On the first of each month, we put out the number of donations allotted for the month. As of now, each organization is allowed 1 donation per month. Each donation consists of a pair of passes.

In order to receive a ticket donation, come to Essex Cinemas with a donation letter. Any supervisor working can take your donation letter and give you the pair of tickets.

Popcorn Donations

We offer popcorn donations to any organization hosting an event. Our popcorn donations consist of 1 "yellow bag" of popcorn. A yellow bag of popcorn holds about 8 large popcorns. For organizations that need more than 1 yellow bag of popcorn, we can sell each additional yellow bag for $25.

In order to receive a popcorn donation, the organization represent must call a minimum of 3 days before the event. Organizations are allowed 1 popcorn donation per month.

Thank you for thinking of Essex Cinemas! For any questions about donations, please email Nicole Garrison at