Closed Captioning

Essex Cinemas is excited to offer the Doremi CaptiView Closed Caption Viewing System. The CaptiView Closed Caption device is pre-configured by our staff and does not require any additional settings or adjustments. The CaptiView will work from ANY seat in the auditorium. Important Note: Do not be alarmed if the device does not display captions once you enter the auditorium. The CaptiView will start receiving a signal ONLY once the feature film starts. Pre-show content and most movie trailers will likely not display any captions on the device.

To get the most from your CaptiView experience, please follow these instructions:

1 - Place CaptiView rubber base in the seat’s left cup holder. Push down to tighten fit.
2 - While holding the angled arm, adjust the LED screen by grabbing the foam grip and bending the flexible goose neck to suit your preferred viewing angle.
3 - Please do not use the rectangular display screen to adjust viewing angle.
4 - If there are any issues with your device please inform an Essex Cinemas staff member.

We are very happy to provide you with the latest technology. Thank you for experiencing CaptiView and we hope you enjoy the show!